Welcome to RedHands of Atulos

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Welcome to RedHands of Atulos

Post by catdaddy on Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:45 pm

RedHands is one of the original guilds of Atulos. With Arena wins in the first seasons of this game, this guild would take 2nd place behind the infamous Unholy Judgement Guild and their leader Richy, for seasons 3 and 4. Then during season 5, several of the leaders of the major guilds, myself from Redhands, Master from Xtreme and SomeGuy from Black conspired to try and overthrow the UJ Guild and we created a new guild. During our talks we knew that a new guild was necessary so as not to show favorites to any of the others and I told them one day in a meeting, It will take all of us to defeat UJ and it was then that we decided to name our new guild ALL OF US and I am very proud to see that the AU guild has withstood the hands of time and has continued to give players of this game a home all through the years. The arena wars during this era were so intense. Open Wars would last an hour or more at times with players at lvls of 85,000 or SS at 150,000 sometimes the open wars would take forever. But the 100 lvl wars, those were the fun ones, with sometimes 30 or 40 people in that same small arena. It was crazy! And then, there were only about 8 wars a day. But AU would seriously challenge UJ only 1 time for the crown in season 6. Unfortunately, there was much arguing and fighting between guilds in these days and it caused many of us good people to leave the game completely. Well now I'm back, and am having fun once again playing this first ever online game for me. The first game that I ever played with other real people online. If you would like to join us in RedHands, contact me in game and we will hook you up. Thanks all and good gaming!!!

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